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Which Kitchen Canisters are the best to buy?

October 21st, 2018

History of Vintage Kitchen Canisters

Kitchen canisters became popular in the early 20th century when Hoosier style cabinets had storage jar sets that fitted these kitchen cabinets to store ingredients. Normally these canisters from the depression era were made from glass and a kitchen canister set would consist of a coffee and tea canister, a salt box, and between four and eight spice jars.  Some of these kitchen canister sets included a hanging sugar jar and the now traditional cracker/cookie jar.  Primarily made by Sneath for  Hoosier cabinets they produced five main styles

  • Colonial
  • Napanee
  • Mission
  • Triple Skip
  • Zipper (originally called Quaker)

These kitchen storage canisters along with, salt and pepper pots, beaters, measuring cups and jars, would have been used in an early twentieth century kitchen and can still be found in some form in you modern day kitchen today.

Selecting the right Kitchen Canister

When selecting your kitchen canisters it is essential you select the right canister for what you require. It’s not just about the canister style, but size and material are factors that will ensure you will find a kitchen canister set you will not only be proud to own, but will be functional  as well.

Common Kitchen canister materials, sizes and shapes

In today’s modern kitchen you can find kitchen canisters in a variety of materials. For example:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Wood

Varying sizes and available as sets the kitchen canisters of today are available from as small as a spice jar to large cookie jars and bread bins. With many different shapes of canisters from round jars to square tins, one of the essential design features is to ensure an air tight fit with a rubber seal with either a clip lid or screw top depending on the ingredients or produce you wish to store. Common types of kitchen canisters are

  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Spice jars
  • Salt
  • Biscuits
  • Cookies
  • Bread bins
  • Water Jug
  • Pasta
  • Cake tins

Popular manufactures of storage jars

There are many manufactures of these kitchen storage canisters with household names such as Brabantia, The Emporium Kitchen, Kitchen Craft and Pfaltzgraff.

Storage Jars to save your cookies

August 25th, 2010

There is nothing worse than a stale biscuit or when you open that kitchen cupboard to find pasta or sugar spread across your cupboard. It is not only wasteful but close to a disaster when sitting down in front of the television with cup of tea to watch the latest episode of the Great British bake off. So all good kitchens should have a plentiful supply of storage jars, but must ensure you buy the right kitchen canisters for the ingredients or produce you are going to store.

There are a few options when selecting a storage jar and not all have to be related to kitchens. In fact I am sure most garages today have at least one jam jar in the garage that they store various size nails and screws we all seem to end up with. Hopefully not left over from your latest DIY assembly flat pack. That brings us neatly back to that  kitchen cupboard and those kitchen storage canisters.

Selecting the Right Storage Jars

When selecting a storage container you should not only select the right size of jar for what you are going to store but also the right material. You must take into account if you need to display what is in the jar and ensure the lid has a seal on it to ensure a vacuum seal. For example sweet jars in shop not only have to be bigger enough to store a good quantity of your favourite gob stoppers but also have an air tight seal that is easily accessible. The other factor many of us forget is the size of storage jar and the space it is going to be kept. How many of us have felt a sinking feeling as we try to put that extra large olive oil (that was on offer in the supermarket) in the cupboard to only find out it doesn’t fit.

So you know the size and what you want to store in the jar your next decision is material and style. So much of this will depend on budget. If you are looking at the lower end of the budget scale you will probably be looking at plastic clip lid container and I am sure most modern day kitchens today will have some form of these. However for a few more dollars, pounds or euro’s you can get a storage jar set made from anything from china to brushed metal.