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Copper Saucepan Sets

October 22nd, 2018

One of a chef’s most prized possessions is his saucepan set. Not only because it is at the heart of his cooking, but can greatly affect the way his food tastes and how he/she can perform in the kitchen. Of all the saucepan sets available the pinnacle of them all is the copper saucepan set. So why is a copper saucepan set so sort after?

Advantages Of A Copper Saucepan Set

Copper is one of the best heat conductors known to man, so as soon as you change the temperature of the heat sauce you will almost immediately affect the food you are cooking. For example, if you are worried you food is starting to burn then you can reduce the heat and this will reduce the heat on your food and stop it from burning. If you are using a saucepan that is a poor conductor of heat for example, cheap stainless steel saucepan sets although you reduce the heat the saucepan still stays hot and continues to burn your food. Because copper is such a great conductor of heat whatever the shape or design almost never has any heat spots. This means you will have a uniform heat throughout your pan which is easy to control. They also have a great weight to the pan which is heavier enough to keep stable on your hob, but light enough to feel comfortable in your hand for any long periods of cooking.

Depending on your view a copper saucepan set when polished an well maintained can look fantastic displayed in almost any kitchen. So if copper is such a great material why don’t we all have them?

Disadvantages Of A Copper Saucepan Set

The most obvious disadvantage is they are prohibitively expensive. Copper particularly in recent years as become very expensive. In 2003 a metric tonne of copper cost under $2000 since then it has gone up with a current copper price of over $8000 and it is predicted to continue to rise. This makes copper saucepan sets out of the budget of most consumers. The other main disadvantage of a copper saucepan set is their maintenance. You cannot put them in the dishwasher and should never leave them in water for long periods ensuring you dry them thoroughly after use. Because copper can react with certain food types they are lined with either tin or steel. Although steel lined pans are more expensive they last longer than tin lined pans that would require re-tinning every couple of years. This makes tin lined copper saucepans a false economy. Although you can use modern cleaning pastes to keep your copper saucepan sets clean they are still a higher maintenance product than ones that are dishwasher safe.

Whichever type of material saucepan set you decide upon you should always check the manufactures instructions to ensure they not only suit your cooker type but also you know how to maintain them.

How To Choose A Saucepan Set

September 22nd, 2010

In our kitchens today most of us have a sauce pan set in some shape or form and most of us have had them for many years. Whether your purchasing a saucepan set for the first time, replacing your old cookware or upgrading to a professional saucepan set you have a wide choice available in the market today.

As with all purchases your budget will be the first consideration. If you are on a tight budget then ensure you are not buying more pans than you need and you are also buying the right types of pan for you requirement. Sauce pans are normally measured by diameter and the volume in comparable between manufacturers. A milk pan normally the smallest saucepan will have a spout to aid pouring of hot milk for that late night hot chocolate. Below gives you a rough idea of the diameters and capacity of saucepans.

Type Diameter Capacity


14.00cm 5.51” 0.9 litres 1½ pints
Saucepan 14.00cm 5.51” 1 litre 1¾ pints


16.00cm 6.30” 1.5 litres 2¾ pints
Saucepan 18.00cm 7.09” 2 litres 3½ pints
Saucepan 20.00cm 7.87” 2.8 litres 5 pints


Saucepan sets come in various styles from the classic sauce pan with straight sides to the Windsor pan which has sloping sides, round base and a flat bottom. This can mainly be used for sauces but is not a versatile as the classic sauce pan. The lid of the pan should be tight fitting and the handle on the lid can either be a knob or a loop. The loop is easier to pick when using oven gloves. The handle should be of medium size and feel comfortable to hold. If you try feel the saucepan in the hand before purchasing then you will get a good idea the feel a balance of the sauce pan. Make sure all the saucepans in the set have a good balance and feel. The handle can be made out of a heat resistant material so it shouldn’t get hot while on the stove or over hanging another burner however this is totally the case.

Saucepans can come in various materials or combination of material for example copper, aluminium, cast iron, stainless steel and non-stick. Copper saucepans are probably the most traditional but also expensive. The main problem with copper saucepans are they difficult to clean.

Which ever saucepan set you choose from a stainless steel saucepan set from Stellar Cookware or  a le creuset saucepan set, look after them well and they should give you years of enjoyable cooking.