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Every dinner party needs a Water Jug

August 25th, 2010

So you have laid your best cutlery out, the table cloth has been ironed, the napkins are on the table and the diner is in the oven. There is nothing like killing the atmosphere than a budget plastic water bottle on the table. That’s where the stylish water jug can make a table complete and ensure your guest has a great thirst free evening.

Water jugs go back in history and the famous Water Jugs of Cana is the name given to the jars Jesus used to perform his first miracle in the Book of John. Although not all water jugs are that significant they are a staple container found in most peoples kitchens today. Be it serving water or that home made lemonade with freshly sliced fruit floating in it for your barbeque they have a few essential requirements.

Essential requirments of a Water Jug

It needs to be a vessel that holds liquid with a handle and a spout to pour from. The first jugs were made from clay but the more common water jugs today are made from glass or plastic. The plastic water jugs have the advantage of being light and unlike the glass water jugs are not likely to break. They come in various sizes from large two handle kitchen canisters to small whisky water jugs. When selecting you jug don’t forget where you are going to store it to ensure it fits the kitchen cupboard or fridge shelf. Personally there is nothing better than a cool glass of water on a summers day being poured from a classic glass water jug.

In recent years the water filter jug has become more popular. People trying to be more ecologically friendly and cost conscious by not buying bottled water and using water filter jugs to filter the tap water and remove the impurities to give that bottle water taste.