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Why You Need a One Touch Can Opener

October 27th, 2010

The tin can was first invented in the Netherlands by their Navy to preserve freshly caught salmon and is believed to have been used since 1772. Boiled in  salt water (brine) it was then smoked and put in tin plated boxes made from iron. What is fascinating is the first tin opener wasn’t patented until 1855 in England which makes you think it could almost answer the age old question which came first the chicken or the egg or should I say the tin or the tin opener.

The first can openers were very basic and were just a type of knife. The more familiar traditional manual tin opener as we know it today was not designed until 1925 when the second serrated wheel was added  too hold the cutting wheel against the rim. This was a far cry from the original method of opening the tins using a hammer and chisel. The rotating wheel tin opener has become one of the most popular used gadgets in our kitchens today.

The next major development of the can opener was the  introduction of the safe edge can opener that did not leave any sharp edges around the opened can. The electric tin opener has been the obvious next step in the development of tin openers however many have tried and failed. It has only been since the development of small powerful battery powered motors has an electric tin opener been usable for the domestic market.

The most popular of these is the Culinare one touch can opener. Originally designed for the elderly, the one touch can opener will open  a can with no other input from the user other than placing it on the top of the tin and pressing the button. With a compact design, which is easy to clean the electric one touch can opener comes in both battery powered and rechargeable models. The lid is removed as easily as one, two, three and is safe to dispose of as it leaves no sharp edges.

The one touch tin can opener is a genius design and although initially designed for people with limited hand mobility it is a great gadget to save us all time in the kitchen. You can set the can to open your favourite tin of beans while you select your favourite saucepan from your saucepan set and then put some bread in your 4 slice toaster. An your opened tin of beans will be ready and waiting.