Salt and Pepper Pots For Your Kitchen and Dinner Table

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Many of our kitchens are a slave to design. We can spend a fortune redesigning a kitchen and then sometimes let it down by the little details. Whether its those out dated saucepan sets, kitchen storage canisters or your humble salt and pepper pots. This is why for very little money you should consider changing those old, worn  and out dated, salt and pepper pots. Not only can they look out of place in your Philippe Starck designed kitchen but also can spoil a dinner party especially when everyone of your guests will probably be using them. Whether you want a shaker, seller or mill they can add that finishing style to your kitchen or dinner table.

Grinders, Shakers or Mills?

There is a variety of designs to choose from the novelty salt and pepper pots made in the shape of animals or even a couple hugging, to antique salt and pepper pots. Select the material carefully as this will affect not only how they look but also feel to the touch. Glass salt and pepper pots can become scratched and dirty very easily and chipped if dropped by accident. However one design aspect you should ensure is that they are easily identifiable. The last thing you would want is a guest getting them mixed up and spoiling their food. One universal method of telling them apart is the amount of holes in the top of a shaker. One hole for salt and multiple holes normally five for pepper. This method cannot be used if you decide upon a salt and pepper grinder and these are often transparent so you know which one is which. These have the added advantage you know when they are getting empty and need replenishing.

Keep Them Filled and Clog Free

Personally I prefer a grinder as you not only keep the salt and pepper fresher but also you have less chance of it clogging up. One trick is to put a few small grains of rice into the pots or shakers as this will absorb any moisture, although storing them in a dry place away from any heat source is essential. It can be embarrassing if  your guests can’t get anything from your shakers and there is something satisfying about grinding your own salt and pepper. If that all seems like too much hard work then consider entering the 21st century and look at the electric salt and pepper pots that are available. These normally powered by small batteries and can grind at the push of a button.

Where To Find Salt and Pepper Pots

Which ever type of salt and pepper pot you are looking for, the internet is a great place to search for the available types and designs. Amazon have a great selection from plastic to silver salt and pepper pots. You will be glad you took the time to match your condiments to your style that will help add that finishing touch to your kitchen and dinner table.

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