Why You Need a One Touch Can Opener

October 27th, 2010 by Baker No comments »

The tin can was first invented in the Netherlands by their Navy to preserve freshly caught salmon and is believed to have been used since 1772. Boiled inĀ  salt water (brine) it was then smoked and put in tin plated boxes made from iron. What is fascinating is the first tin opener wasn’t patented until […]

Choosing Breakfast Bar Stools

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It might be a through back to the seventies but breakfast bar stools are back into fashion in recent years. Maybe because kitchen space has become a premium with the price of real estate or that you miss sitting on your favourite bar stool at your local bar. The breakfast bar is an efficient use […]

Le Creuset Stoneware

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The French are world famous for their cooking and have given us nouvelle cuisine and famous brands of kitchen appliances such as the Magimix food processor and Le Creuset cookware. History Le Creuset are renowned for using traditional materials and hand crafting modern designed cookware. Best known for there cast iron cookware they were founded […]

4 Slice Toaster, Quick & Eco Friendly

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The smell of toasted bread in the morning is something everyone loves. Along with home made coffee and baking bread these smells are used in shops to entice us to buy more food. When selling a house I have heard it suggested you use the same smells to make people feel more at home. The […]

Why Choose A Magimix Food Processor?

September 27th, 2010 by Baker No comments »

The Magimix food processor is the original food processor first designed by a French catering company salesman Pierre Verdan. He noticed how long it took his clients to prepare the food, particularly chopping, shredding and mixing. He designed a simple bowl with a manually rotating knife. This then developed into a powered consumer model which […]