Le Creuset Stoneware

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The French are world famous for their cooking and have given us nouvelle cuisine and famous brands of kitchen appliances such as the Magimix food processor and Le Creuset cookware.


Le Creuset are renowned for using traditional materials and hand crafting modern designed cookware. Best known for there cast iron cookware they were founded in 1925. Based in Fresnoy-le-Grand in Aisne, France they chose this place as it was at the crossroads of all the required raw materials, coke, iron and sand. After the war they continued to develop their innovative cookware to include different coloured enamels. This soon became very popular and in 1952 they started to export to other European countries and also the United States.

Since they were bought by the current President, Paul Van Zuydam in 1988 they have continued to expand into other countries, innovate and diversify. Their range now includes silicone bakeware, stainless steel saucepan sets and stoneware bakeware.

Although still sticking to their distinctive design that would co-ordinate with their range of cast iron cookware the Le Creuset Stoneware has developed into a range of it’s own. Manufactured using specialist clays fired at the highest temperatures they are enamelled with the distinctive vibrant colours we have all become to love. Able to resist chipping cracking and the all important stain resistance they can offer a 5 year guarantee. Scratch resistant the stoneware can be used in the traditional oven, microwave or under the grill. Able to withstand temperatures as high as 260°C (500°F) and as low as -18°C (-65°F) they are dishwasher safe and are happy to be put in your freezer when you have that left over casserole.

The Le Creuset Stoneware Range

Preparation items include a mixing jug and a pestle and mortar.

The cooking items is probably the largest selection and ranges from small ramekins, oval, round and rectangular dishes and their world famous casserole pots.

There Storage range includes kitchen canisters for example storage jars, a salt pig and a butter dish.

If you are looking for a serving range then look no further as it includes teapots, milk jugs, sugar bowls, mugs and soup bowls.

If you need a gift for a loved one then there is a starter set that will introduce them to the advantages of the Le Creuset cookware. This includes 20cm cast iron round casserole dish, 26cm stoneware rectangular dish, 24cm stoneware oval dish and 2 stoneware ramekins. The set is available in Cerise, Volcanic, Granite, Almond, Graded Blue, Satin Black & Teal colours and you should be able to find one that will match your loved ones kitchen and personality. For the perfect gift look no further than the Heart Range of ramekins and dishes which as you can guess are moulded in the shape of a heart. These dishes show the love and effort the chef has put into the meal they are serving.

Whichever stoneware you choose make sure you enjoy selecting from the various vibrant colours available to match your kitchen and you will get years of enjoyable cooking with them.

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