Eat, Fast and Live Longer Diet BBC Horizon TV Program

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BBC Horizon “Eat Fast and Live Longer”

Most of my TV watching in the past few weeks has been watching GB win Medals at the 2012 Olympics. However while channel swapping from BBC One to BBC Three on my Humax Freesat box I noticed the Michael Mosley on the BBC Horizon documentary program investigating a new diet. The “Eat Fast and Live Longer” investigated not only a way of losing weight but also the long term health benefits of such a diet. In fact Michael himself fasted for two days a week for 5 weeks and lost an incredible amount. You can watch it again on iplayer.


It really got me thinking about my weight and health and what I should be doing to improve my chances of living longer. That’s when I came across the EAT STOP EAT DIET you should take a look I am starting to be sold on this new diet craze.





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