Copper Saucepan Sets

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One of a chef’s most prized possessions is his saucepan set. Not only because it is at the heart of his cooking, but can greatly affect the way his food tastes and how he/she can perform in the kitchen. Of all the saucepan sets available the pinnacle of them all is the copper saucepan set. […]

Which Kitchen Canisters are the best to buy?

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History of Vintage Kitchen Canisters Kitchen canisters became popular in the early 20th century when Hoosier style cabinets had storage jar sets that fitted these kitchen cabinets to store ingredients. Normally these canisters from the depression era were made from glass and a kitchen canister set would consist of a coffee and tea canister, a […]

Silicone Bakeware Set

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When searching for a silicone bakeware a great method of introducing you to such a new material in your kitchen is to experiment with more than one use. Silicone bakeware is very versatile and can be used in a number of products in the kitchen. With all the advantages silicone have it is suited to […]

Salt and Pepper Pots For Your Kitchen and Dinner Table

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Many of our kitchens are a slave to design. We can spend a fortune redesigning a kitchen and then sometimes let it down by the little details. Whether its those out dated saucepan sets, kitchen storage canisters or your humble salt and pepper pots. This is why for very little money you should consider changing […]

Second Hand Catering Equipment Cheap and Eco Friendly

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The worldwide economic recession is now hitting home to many people. Although we have been talking about the recession for many months it only now seems to have started to effect our everyday lives. Be it your benefits being cut, your local amenities being reduced, closed or even worst being threatened with redundancies or loosing […]